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Manage People, Not Paperwork



Our mission is to banish paperwork, liberate Risk Assessments from the dusty top shelf, rally your team to reporting hazards, and help keep everyone safe and healthy at work.




Our Story

Our founder & CEO, Alistair Scott, founded Risk Memo in 2017 whilst working as Operations Director for Flying Fox, a zipline company based in New Delhi, India, with locations across India and one in Nairobi, Kenya.

Managing health and safety and keeping everyone up-to-date over such distances was a real challenge, especially considering the cultural and linguistic barriers too. He went in search of a risk reporting and risk assessment app, but there was none that suited his needs.

Alistair has now spent the last year, predominantly from his kitchen table, working with developers in India to make Risk Memo a reality. His goal is to launch Risk Memo in early 2019, with the belief that this app, borne of cultural and linguistic barriers, can help teams across the world to communicate better and keep each other safe.

Our Team

Alistair Scott, Risk Memo CEO

Alistair Scott

Founder & CEO

Alistair founded Risk Memo in 2017. His main focus is app design and development, as well as leading the company as a whole.

Aishwarya Sinha

Aishwarya Sinha

Chief Marketing Officer

Aishwarya oversees all things sales, marketing and public relations related.

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Chief Operating Officer

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