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Watch your evolving risk assessments update with your workplace

Evolving risk assessments that update in real time, isn’t that the dream? First though, a little bit about dynamic risk assessments.

What is a dynamic risk assessment?

Standard risk assessments identify ‘static’ risks and apply a set of control measures – static because they don’t change over time. Dynamic risks can (and will) arise at any time, and we rely on our employees to take appropriate action “on the fly”.

It’s your team, the guys on the front line, who perform dynamic risk assessments all the time.

A dynamic system, powered by your team

Risk Memo is an employee powered risk mitigation system. It’s the guys on the front line who are your eyes and ears, and ultimately the ones who benefit most from effective health & safety in the workplace.

The Risk Memo magic is to integrate those reports (a risk assessment) straight into your documentation. Once solved most reports will head to the archives, but every now and then a new risk is discovered, and it’s these that filter up to your risk assessment; it evolves.

Assessments don’t mitigate risks, understanding them does

This report-by-report evolution is important. Studies show that we can only take on 3 or 4 items of information at one time. We’ve all been there however, sat down with an intimidating document and asked to read. With Risk Memo, teams are notified when risks occur, making it much more likely that the information will stick.

This evolving system of reports, controls and assessment brings your team to the fore of risk mitigation, and the document takes care of itself.

Perhaps ’employee powered’ is the wrong phrase; empowered employees is more like it.

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