Looking for a Risk Assessment Template?

Using paper and word documents can cause a lot of problems. Here’s why we believe this old wheel really does need reinventing.

Whoops! Forgot about that..

Paper doesn’t keep up with real life.

What if you forget to implement a control, or sign off a risk assessment. Risk Memo reports and tasks stay until completed.
poor risk mitigation

Urgh.. Now I have to update EVERYTHING

If you have multiple locations that run the same operations, you’ll know this pain.

Suppose changes need to be made to a generic risk, that means every risk assessment at every location needs to be thrown in the trash and re-drafted.

Isn’t it a chore?

It’s little wonder that risk assessment day is a once-a-year chore. Even if you have a stellar reporting system, there’s still a duplication of effort to amend your risk assessment.

So much reading and filing

Countless of employee hours spent pretending to read a thick file – let’s spare a moment for all those trees!

Here's how we're going to solve the paper problem
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