Feature rich, yet simple to use

Enable your team to report, and the risk assessments will take care of themselves

The right tool, in everyone’s pocket

When it’s easy to use, people will use it! Enable your whole to team to alert you to new risks and damage straight from their phone. Create a culture of health and safety and mitigate risks in real time.

Media rich reports and assessments

A picture paints a thousands words. Help your team identify and understand the risks at a glance by adding as many images as you need. Annotate images to highlight and explain the issue.

Promote communication

Report discussion boards allow you to communicate directly with your team, to provide advice or check on the progress of a task, keeping everyone up to date in the process.

Manage multiple documents

Frustrated with editing generic content on multiple documents? The 3 level Risk Memo structure makes it easy for you to manage multiple risk assessments at all your locations. With Risk Memo, you only edit once.

Risk dashboard

From the dashboard, your team can navigate quickly between active risks, assigned tasks, and anything they need to sign

Once all control measures have been implemented, the report is cleared from their dashboard and either archived or added to your risk assessments

Risk Memo leader dashboard

Report damage and new risks

Even when offline, your team can create risk and damage reports straight from the app. The structure is simple and easy to use, and doesn’t require any staff training

They can add and annotate images, use the device location, write a description, as well as recommend control measures

All you need to do is to check the report is correct, assign control measures as a task, and confirm by sending a push notification to your entire team

Push notifications and read receipts

A risk assessment doesn’t serve its purpose unless it’s read by your team

Every time a new report or risk assessment is confirmed or edited, we’ll send out a notification to your team, and ask them to sign and acknowledge they have read and understood

With this feature you and your team leaders will be able to see who has, and hasn’t, read the latest report or assessment

Tasks and control measures

When submitting risk or damage reports, your team members can suggest new control measures. You can assign those measures as a task, set the priority, due date, and chat privately with the assignee

Once confirmed, reports remain active until all tasks have been completed

Team discussion boards

Within each report, you will be able to chat with your team, guide them through the tasks that need to be completed, or remind them of actions they need to take


Easy risk assessment editing

Our risk assessments are split up into three sections

  • Health and safety policy – this applies to all categories and locations, and is included on every risk assessment
  • Generic risks – some risks will be the same, no matter what the location. Keep your assessments up-to-date with one place to edit generic content
  • Location-specific risks – these apply to just one location and we’ll only notify the employees who need to know
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